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Management / Board of Directors
Mr. Yashwant Thakkar / Mr. Rashmikant Thakkar

The company has pursued multidimensional growth under the dynamic & inspirational leadership of Mr. Yashwant Thakkar & Mr Rashmikant Thakkar, who are also the Promoter & Director of the company. Both are having more than 18-20 years of experience in Bullion/commodity. Mr. Yashwant Thakkar & Mr. Rashmikant Thakkar, smart thinkers & capable of multi tasking, are the men behind the successful journey of the Amrapali Group for more than two decades. Mr. Yashwant Thakkar has been handling administrative, legal & management of the Amrapali Industreis Ltd which is Flagship Company of the Amrapali Group. Mr. Rashmikant Thakkar is also looking after Finance and Marketing of the Amrapali Industries Ltd & Amrapali Group.

Mr. Mayur Parikh

Mr. Mayur Parikh, a Professional and Independent director, is having wide & reach experience of over a 2 decade in the broking/commodity related services. He gave his expert advice and guidance to the company about the administrative, Legal and compliance related matters as he is having professional degree of LLB and C.A. (Chartered Accountant). He is also having directorship in other Limited and Private Limited company.

Mr. Mahesh Thakkar

Mr. Mahesh Thakkar, a Professional and Independent director, is also having wide experience in the Finance filed more than 25 years. He is having depth knowledge about the various laws like Income Tax, Service Tax, GST etc. He advice & shares his experience with company which is fruitful to the compa.