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The rules of the game are very important for India as it engages in the global trading system, investors and entrepreneurs. It is important as India graduates from user to producer of intellectual property. It is aimed at coming generations of entrepreneurs who through their innovation would create new products. Amrapali improves the credibility and standing of India in the international community as it fulfills the commitments made and translates into investments with the investors realising that the country not only has laws but implements them too. It is credibility of Amrapali which is bringing in investments in various sectors. As Amrapali group contributes to the Indian economy by adopting the diversities in diffrent economic fields.

Amrapali Capital And Finance Services Ltd.

The stock broking business of the company is managed by this company with the membership of National Stock Exchange(NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) in Cash and FOSegment.

Amrapali Developers (India) Ltd.

Company is engaged in the business of the Real Estate, Construction and land development. It is one of the reputed company in this sector having its presence all over the state

Amrapali Industries Ltd.

A principal company of the group is engaged in the Bullion business alongwith the corporate membership of the Multi Commodity Exchange of I n d i a L t d (MC X ) , N a t i o n a l Commodities & Derivatives Exchange of India (NCDEX), Ahmedabad Commodity Exchange.

Amrapali China Clay Mining and Development Corporation.

Group has also diversified into the mining and refining of Jet BlackThan Washed Clay and Prima Kutch Washed White China Clay.

Amrapali and Company.

Company is engaged in the mining and refining of Kaolin. Its product is one of the best in the market.

Oriental Prospecting Company

Another firm having its interest in mining and refining of Supra Levigated White China Clay. We take utmost care of the quality of the product while refining so that our customers get what they want.